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Choosing the right dissertation topic is critical. It is a make or break decision one has to take. The online topics you choose will be with you for a while anytime, maybe even for life! Many topics are so tempting and it is easy for you to get lost in selecting the right topic. You may select wrong topic and may land up in panic situation at the very beginning or at a later stage. The entire process of selecting a dissertation topic is complicated and stressful. Students even get stuck in the middle of dissertation writing because of lack of knowledge on the topic or no material available for their write-up. In this sort of situation, they cannot change topic all of a sudden and start writing again. It is a very time consuming and hectic activity. Chances of getting lost are very high. Why waste precious time when you are bound with deadlines? It is very risky selecting the right dissertation topic. Your grades might suffer because of a small mistake in selecting a right topic.

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