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Don’t turn up drunk or on drugs. The escort won’t see you as she needs to be careful. She has no idea how you will act if you are loaded, so seriously, don’t do it.

Once you get inside, hand over the pre-arranged cash total in an envelope. Put in on the bed, or into the hands of the escort, depending on what she would prefer.

Now when it comes to sex, it must always be safe. No matter times you watch ‘The Wolf of Wall Street, you can’t pay extra to go bareback. If you try to pull that shit with one of the Glasgow escorts, you won’t get any action, just blacklisted from seeing any escort in Scotland, and possibly beyond.

Obviously, you will have paid for a certain amount of time. Please don’t overrun, it is rude and disrespectful. The escort is likely to have other appointments in the day, and she will need to get cleaned up, changed, and rejuvenated. You will knock her schedule back, and she won’t be impressed. She has shown you really respect, just do the same for her.

When it comes time to leave your appointment with your chosen escort, leave as you came in, discreetly. That should cap off a wonderful date with a top-class companion


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